fot. Mariusz Karandysz


Born in 1977. Diploma in composition at the Academy of Music in Wrocław under the guidance of Professor Grażyna Pstrokońska-Nawratil. Ph. D. in music also at the same Academy. Studies in the class led by David Rowland within the framework of the Erasmus/ Socrates Programme. His pedagogical activity and duties of consultant at various levels of art education were awarded with the Bronze Medal of Merit of the President of Poland. Laureate of numerous composition competitions, ex.: the Andrzej Panufnik Composition Competition in Cracow as well as the International Composition Competition of the Franz-Josef Reinl Stiftung Vienna/Munich.  Michał Moc is also an active outstanding accordionist. He has won several Polish accordion competitions, namely in Chełm (1994, 1996), Zgierz (1995) and in Mława (1995). He was also a prize-winner at the 4th Contemporary Music Competition for Young Performers (Warsaw 2001). He gave concerts with philharmonic orchestras around Poland and abroad, ex.: in Germany, Denmark, Japan, France, Spain, Slovakia and Greece.He plays a specially produced Borsini instrument purchased with a ‘Young Poland’ scholarship from the funds of the Ministry of Culture and the National Heritage. Since 2007, he has been one of the artists selected for the programme of the promotion of young composers, established by the European Krzysztof Penderecki Music Centre.


The dynamic and suggestive music by Michał Moc refers to the best traditions of such genres as virtuoso concert, instrumental miniature or symphony music, widely understood. He works well with the full scale orchestra piece as well as chamber group, where subtle lyrical tones contained in dialogues of the solo parts can be heard as well as transparent textures and instrumental details. Forma! boldness, fest musical narration and intelligent presentation of references to the styles of the past epochs make this creation unusually interesting and attractive for the listener.

Marcin Stańczyk
European Krzysztof Penderecki Music Centre


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